Our Voices Against Harassment was previously known as OurCries Initiative. OVAH was founded to give students an opportunity to speak up and report all harassments they face from bus drivers and conductors through our web-based system. OVAH’s founder responded to this issue of student harassment after she nearly lost a close friend—she was almost run-over by a bus when the bus conductor pushed her out. In 2015, She started to advocate for a supportive learning environment for students in Tanzania.

Our Cries is now expanding to sexual harassment, a prominent problem in our country Tanzania. Girls and young women face sexual harassment from teachers and staff in schools and from relatives and neighbors at home. We believe a first step to tackle sexual harassment is when one can open up and speak up about these harassments.


Anonymous Reporting

We provide a safe space and an opportunity for victims of harassment to come forward and raise their voices hence empowering others to speak up too.

Utilize authorities and Partnerships

We partner and collaborate with Governmental and Non-governmental organizations that provide services that are potential to the effectiveness of our solutions such as SUMATRA (now know as LATRA) for the harassment reportes submitted under public transit.

Our Vision

To end student harassment in Tanzania.

Our mission

Give the tools and medium for every child in Tanzania to report every humiliation and harassment they experience for justice to take place.

An Animation to Raise Awareness

OVAH is working to create a better society for girls and young women by raising awareness and educating the society on important topics that affect girls’ and women’s lives such as sexual assault, consent, victim-blaming behavior, and more. Girls need a safe space to speak up about these incidents and we are here to listen and give them the necessary support! 

Our team

  • Modesta Joseph

    Founder & CEO

    Modesta Joseph is an alumnus from the African Leadership Academy. She is passionate about driving...

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  • Carolyne Ekyarisiima

    Strategy and Implementation Advisor

    She is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the Apps and Girls, a social enterprise that works...

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  • Wilhelm Oddo

    Technical Advisor

    He started NLab Innovation Academy (NIA) which is a skills building project intended to bridge the...

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Our Core Values

Youth-Led & Community

At Ovah, youth will always maintain the lead, direction, and authority because we understand the issues that affect us the most. 

Service to Others

We serve others – in small ways or big ones – we are a committed and dedicated team that aims to end harassment in Tanzania.

Innovation and Impact

Our solutions, programs, and projects are innovative but with a focus on purpose and impact.