Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) is an organization with the vision to end harassment in Tanzania. We provide tools and mediums for children and youths to speak up about the harassment they experience to receive the necessary help, support, and justice. We also raise awareness about these harassment to build better communities.

OVAH was founded back in 2015 and it was known as Our Cries, and the aim was to protect students from harassment in public transit from bus operators. We are now expanding to tackle the prominent issue of sexual abuse and harassment that many girls and young women face in our communities. 

OVAH has now expanded to tackle the prominent issues of sexual abuse and harassment that many girls and young women face daily. OVAH created Mwajuma Simama, an animation series, and platform to educate Tanzanian society and lead conversations about sexual abuse and sexual harassment. In addition, we provide a web-based system where girls and young women who face sexual harassment from teachers, school staff, and even relatives and neighbors, can report and speak out about these incidents.

Our Vision

OVAH’s vision is to create a harassment-free nation by eliminating sexual abuse and harassment that girls and women face in Tanzania, thus relieving them of physical and psychological violence, trauma, and pregnancies.

Our mission

The mission of OVAH is to be the hope of victims of sexual abuse and assault by providing a reporting web-based platform for victims of sexual abuse and harassment to speak up and receive the necessary help, support, and justice, such as legal advice and therapy, at no cost. We hope to improve our Tanzanian communities by raising awareness about the prevalence of these incidents through school seminars, social media, and animation series.

Our Core Values

Youth-Led & Community

At Ovah, youth will always maintain the lead, direction, and authority because we understand the issues that affect us the most. Our goal is to improve and build better communities where children’s and youths’ rights aren’t violated.

Service to Others

We serve others – in small ways and big ones – we are a committed and dedicated team that aims to end harassment in Tanzania.

Innovation and Impact

Our projects are innovative but with a focus on impact. We innovate projects that are viable and guarantee a true impact to those we serve.

Our team

  • Modesta Joseph

    Founder & CEO

    Modesta is the founder of Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) – an organization with the mission...

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  • Carolyne Ekyarisiima

    Strategy and Implementation Advisor

    She is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the Apps and Girls, a social enterprise that works...

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  • Wilhelm Oddo

    Technical Advisor

    He started NLab Innovation Academy (NIA) which is a skills building project intended to bridge the...

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Nancy Moses Kaale – Operations Manager Intern
Elham Riyami – Ass. Operations Manager Intern
Zakia Mrisho – Community Outreach Intern